i3TOUCH E-series
Standard touchscreen

Advanced infrared technology

The touchscreen gives perfect results when working in strong light, thanks to the V-Sense touch technology. V-Sense displays have a bezel that holds the screen in place and have up to 20 interactive touch points. They provide a professional yet cost-effective solution and are particularly suited to education environments.

No maintenance worries with 8 years warranty

Our research shows that the typical warranty period for touch displays varies between 2 and 5 years. At i3-Technologies we are proud of our solid quality and we offer a warranty up to 8 years after registration, which is unique in the market.

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Instant note taking

Use the integrated i3NOTES instant whiteboard software to make quick annotations and share them immediately without using another device.

Annotation overlay

Annotate over any image, site, app and save your notes in i3NOTES.

V-Sense technology

This technology uses sensors in the full frame of the display to detect touches even if dust or other objects are obstructing portions of the frame.

20 touch points

The integrated multi-touch technology recognizes up to 20 touch points at the same time.

Android on board

The Android OS has built-in apps such as a web browser, file explorer and documents editor. Browse the internet and open your MS Office or PDF files without needing a computer.

Plug & play

Slide an OPS computer into the display and get started immediately.

Wide range of sizes

i3TOUCH Excellence comes in a wide range of sizes from 55”, 65", 70", 75" to 86” to provide the correct size for any room.

Integrated mirorring app

Present your content wirelessly from any device with i3ALLSYNC and enjoy wireless touch and extended desktop capability. Up to 64 devices can view the mirrored session at the same time.


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